Sun, 18 Nov 2018

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Canada falling behind in share of global exports

With the difficult renegotiation of the trade agreement with Canada’s largest trading partner now resolved , it’s time for Canada ...

Iraq's President Visits Iran Weeks After US Renews Sanctions

TEHRAN - Iraq's President Barham Salih began a visit to Iran on Saturday, where he pledged to improve relations less ...

Explore the best of Nevada this fall!

New Delhi [India], Nov 17 (ANI): Planning to head for a fun and adventurous trip? Nevada's is the place for ...

Sex education before college lowers risk of sexual assault

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov 17 (ANI): Children should be exposed to sexuality education as a recent research found that students ...

New Mexico woman sues hospital for resuscitating her

A New Mexico woman who was brought back to life is suing the hospital for violating her rights. The Albuquerque ...

Political 'veteran' at age 36 eyed for Trump chief of staff

Nick Ayers could almost be confused for a college fraternity brother as he flashes a broad grin in a selfie ...


Thousands of French protesters block roads over fuel taxes

PARIS, France - Tens of thousands of French protesters took to the streets on Saturday, blocking motorways and roads across ...

Five London bridges blocked by environment protesters

LONDON, U.K. - London witnessed one of its most coordinated environmental protest in decades after thousands of people blocked five ...

Kidnappers playing havoc with fleeing Hondurans lives

The Hondurans who banded together last month to travel northward to the United States, fleeing gangs , corruption and

CIA blames Saudi prince for Khashoggi murder: Sources

WASHINGTON, U.S. - This week, despite international headlines being focussed on a range of crucial issues across the world - ...

U.S. prosecutors reveal criminal case against Assange

WASHINGTON, U.S. - In an accidental move, U.S. prosecutors let slip their secret plans to pursue a criminal case against ...

North Korea impairs diplomatic progress with weapons test

PYONGYANG, North Korea - In a move that has threatened the diplomatic progress it managed to achieve in June year ...

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Ireland's Keywords Studios acquires Canada's Snowed In

DUBLIN, Ireland - Following its successful acquisition of Hollywood-based Blindlight, Irish video-gaming company Keywords Studios has now announced its latest accomplishment. Keywords r ...

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